Thursday, February 23, 2017

Green Darner Alert for 2017

Today is February 23, and the projected temperature will be near 60F.  The month of February has been pretty mild, and the previous weekend it was over 60F.  One has to wonder when the first sightings of Anax junius will occur in Michigan. In 2012, we had an early warm spring, and the first sighting was March 18, about 3 weeks earlier than typical.  That was also the year that we had a hard freeze in May, which killed the fruit tree flowers, and resulted in a pretty bad year for the growers in Michigan.  So, I hope that this unusual stretch of warmer temperatures does not have the same result.

If you do see any Green Darners appearing in Michigan this spring, post your observations here or to the Michigan Odonata Facebook page.  Date, Place, time, and temperature would be useful information.

Anax junius, though a late-summer version.

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