Saturday, June 30, 2012

Surprise Package!

I love a good surprise, and that is what I received yesterday. I received a box of odes from Greg Bauman in Negaunee, MI. Greg is the son-in-law of Burt Cebulski of Adrian, MI. Burt is a long-time student of Odonata, and got Greg interested in dragonflies last summer. From what I understand, Greg has become quite the ardent collector, and being in the UP is an added bonus. We just do not have that many people collecting there, and with Greg, I know of four people that reside in the UP and collect for the MOS. So, any new records are certainly welcome.

What really pleased me, though, was the fact that Greg had the specimens properly processed, and ready to be incorporated into the MOS database and collection, complete with MOS numbers. The Cordulegaster obliqua is definitely a new Marquette County record, and is an especially nice addition. Greg also included a list of everything on a spreadsheet. I think Burt should do all of the training from now on!

Thanks Greg, and keep up the great work!

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