Friday, May 25, 2012

May Trameas in Michigan

I was out at the small muddy pond in Pittsfield Preserve during my lunch hour today. It looked very much like a summer day -- breezy, humid, and 85 degrees. The small pond is slowly drying up and it is about 10% of the area that it occupied in March. I saw several Plathemis lydia, a couple of Anax junius, a Libellula pulchella, Ischnura verticalis and Lestes sp. I spotted my first Erythemis simplicicollis of the season, too. A little way away from the pond, I flushed out a Tramea! I watched the dragonfly until it finally settled down on some vegetation. I carefully walked up to it and netted it in the grass. It is a sexually immature female that looks like it has but recently emerged. This is the first Tramea lacerata that I have seen in May, though Julie and Darrin collected one on 5/26/2010 in Wayne County. If this emerged locally, it would have had to survive the winter, which of course, was quite mild this year. As I said before, this is going to be an interesting season.

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