Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Libellulids Abound

Last evening, Adrienne and I checked out Pittsfield Preserve at the S edge of Ann Arbor from about 7- 8:30 pm. The fields adjacent to Marton Road are of course, being farmed, but there is a lot of field area near the woods that has been left to grow in, and that is where the trails follow. There are some small wooded and shrubby ponds to the N, and a small wet area at the N end of the field which presumably stays filled with water long enough to allow development of some species -- I found an exuvium of Anax junius there last year.
Last night was just a beautiful late afternoon, and we observed:
Celithemis elisa
Plathemis lydia
Libellula cyanea
Libellula luctuosa
Libellula pulchella
Leucorrhinia intacta
Anax junius

As the sun got lower in the sky, dozens of dragonflies were flying around in the grass and landing, presumably for the evening. Most of those were widow skimmers and 12-spots. Only one L. cyanea was seen, and I missed it with my swing of the net. Eventually, I will have a more complete list of the odes from the preserve.

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