Friday, October 15, 2010

The End Is Near

The end of the ode season, that is. Pictured here is a Sympetrum semicinctum that I saw on Tuesday, Oct. 12 at Matthaei Botanical Gardens. I also saw S. vicinum and about 6 Aeshna umbrosa. It amazes me how wary the darners are so late in the fall. I was up in Cheboygan and Emmet counties late last week, and there were a few darners here and there, and I never was able to catch one. They are prone to resting on tree trunks, and those damn branches get in the way of capture. They also fly off at the slightest provocation, which they do not do earlier in the season. Maybe it'e the wary ones that survive the longest. While I was in Wilderness State Park, I managed to catch 4 species of Sympetrum -- costiferum, danae, obtrusum, and rubicundulum. I only saw S. vicinum at Cheboygan State Park.

While Adrienne and I were on a mini vacation, we drove up to Whitefish Point and visited Mike and Susan Kielb. They have a beautiful new place that is a perfect fit for their surroundings and their interests. We enjoyed our walk around with them and were treated to a wonderful lunch. They are about a half-mile from the point, and what an ideal location for watching for dragonflies (oh yeah, and those pesky birds...).

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