Monday, July 26, 2010

Back from a Hiatus

I'm embarrassed that I have not posted to this blog in almost 3 years. I guess I was just a bit worn-out from doing so much work on Odonata since 1996. Aside from some occasional forays into the field, and cataloging incoming MOS records, I was not making much progress on the MOS project myself. With things at work being a bit depressing, my other outlet, photography, was getting most of my attention. I think I am back to finding a balance, and have been collecting mostly locally this summer. One good week in late May in the UP made me feel pretty good about finding a lot of early records, and a new county record for Williamsonia fletcheri - Baraga Co.

One good turn has been the local expansion of protected lands, and the establishment of some nice wetlands on the S end of Lillie Park in Pittsfield Township. I have been out in Pittsfield Preserve, too, and that shows some promise. There are some wooded wetlands there that deserve some attention with an insect net. I have plans for getting more collecting done in Washtenaw County this season and next. I would definitely like to find Libellula vibrans here.

Stay tuned.