Saturday, July 07, 2007

Bioblitz Day 3

Today wasn't the most productive in terms of adding more species to the Bioblitz lists, but I did manage to go into the UMBS collection and gather data from the specimens there to add to the MOS database. In the process, I was able to add Lestes eurinus to the UMBS list.

I have it pretty easy... I think we ended up with 31 species of Odonata for the three days, and when I peeked in at the moth sorting by Brian Scholtens and David Wagner, I knew that they must be tired from being up late and sorting and identifying all day...which means they will probably have the biggest species list for any single group.
sorting myriads of moths
Moth sorting!

I was able to get out thgis afternoon, but with the stiff breeze, I did not see too much, except for the species we have already seen. I did get a few photos, though of some Enallagma carunculatum mating.
mating Enallagma carunculatum

The total thus far stands at 31 species, based upon adult sightings, collected specimens, and exuviae.

Amphiagrion saucium, Enallagma carunculatum, Enallagma hageni, Enallagma cyathigerum, Enallagma ebrium, Enallagma vesperum, Nehalennia irene
Calopteryx aequabilis, Calopteryx maculata
Lestes dryas, Lestes disjunctus, Lestes forcipatus
Hagenius brevistylus, Dromogomphus spinosus, Progomphus obscurus, Gomphus spicatus, Gomphus fraternus
Aeshna canadensis, Boyeria vinosa, Basiaeschna janata
Macromia illinoiensis
Epitheca princeps, Epitheca cynosura
Celithemis elisa, Leucorrhinia frigida, Libellula luctuosa, Libellula pulchella, Libellula quadrimaculata, Plathemis lydia, Nannothemis bella, Sympetrum obtrusum

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