Sunday, June 03, 2007

More mutata!

I was at Nichols Arboretum today photographing the peonies with Adrienne-- the weather was overcast, humid, threatning to rain -- in other words, a great day for Rhionaeschna mutata -- I saw at least three flying around the peony garden, and a few were catching small insects. I managed to get a rather crappy photo of one hanging onto a flower, since I did not have the macro lens on the camera. However, one can at least see that it is a mutata male.

Tachopteryx thoreyi - Friday June 1, I was at Warren Woods in Berrien Co. Just as I pulled into the parking area, a large black and gray darner flew by. I was able to follow it for a few seconds and then it went off into the woods -- I am positive it was T. thoreyi. Have yet to catch one, and photograph one... but I'll be back.

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