Monday, April 30, 2007

First Green Darner of 2007

First Green Darner of 2007
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Well, it's not THE first green darner of 2007 in Michigan (I believe Stephen Ross sighted one a couple of weeks ago), but it's the first one that I have seen. I saw my first green darners of the season (Anax junius) yesterday at Metzger Marsh and Crane Creek wildlife areas along Lake Erie in NW Ohio. Later in the day, I watched several zip back and forth along the edge of the beach. Funny how these first migrants into our area are no less interesting than the myraids of warblers and other birds that I saw there. If our nice weather holds... I expect to see our first resident odes emerging by next week - Enallagma boreale, Epitheca spp., and Ladona julia. If you are lucky to love near some bogs -- check out the trails and 2-tracks for the boghaunters - Williamsonia. NOW is the time.

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Nannothemis said...

I had my first CGD on 3 Apr 07 in Dearborn, before the freeze.