Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Stupid Bugs...

I was walking down an Ann Arbor street yesterday around noon, and watched a female Pantala flavescens repeatedly go through the motions of oviposition on the hood of a mini-van. I had seen this behavior before, but not in the middle of town. I know that this species depends on quick flights into small ponds and pools to reproduce. I have seen their larvae in man-made pools in town, as well. At least there, they have a chance to live. However, a shiny automobile exterior just does not qualify as an oviposition site. I guess the stupid are less likely to pass on their genes, or at least in the case of dragonflies, it's auto-destruction...

Monday, June 12, 2006

Costalis in my front yard

Hanging Out
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On Saturday, I was shooting photos of insects in my front yard, and I saw what looked like an Epitheca go flitting by and land on a plant. I watched as he flew up again and then perched on a silene stalk. I approached very slowly and eventually was within a foot of him, shooting photos all the while. Satisfied that I got all I needed, I knew I had to catch him as a voucher, since it did look like an Epitheca costalis. Amazing. I just grabbed him with my fingers. That does not happen every day.