Monday, May 29, 2006

June Traverse Magazine

Emerald eyes
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Check out this month's Traverse Magazine (June 2006). It has a big article on Hine's Emerald and prominently features the Michigan Odonata Survey as well as the UMMZ and me. Best of all the magazine used three of my photos, and the one here is a full-pager. Pretty darn cool exposure for Hine's, for Odonatology, and the MOS!

I bought a copy at Barnes and Noble today, and told the checkout clerk that it was exciting to see my photos in the magazine. She probably thought I was putting her on...


Rebecca said...

YAY! You are my hero.

Nannothemis said...

She probably thought you meant photos of YOU and didn't know why the dude with the ponytail would be in that magazine! :-)

I will get my copy soon!

Barbara Burns said...

Congratulations! How exciting! I'd never heard of Traverse Magazine but now I will have to go look at Barnes & Noble this week-end to get one so I can read the article & see your photos in it. I enjoy reading your blog about draognflies even though I've never been to Michigan & the pictures are wonderful! All of this is very educational as well as informative. Thank you!