Sunday, May 08, 2005

Spring darner - May 8

Spring darner
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Basiaeschna janata is a resident of streams, so finding one this early is a bit unusual. As you can tell, it's a female that is not sexually mature, as the coloration is rather pale. She probably emerged from the larval stage within the past 48 hrs. This particular one was flying in an open field area near Sullivan Lake, in NW Washtenaw Co. Our total sights for the day were 2 Anax junius, several Ischnura verticalis, one Ischnura posita, Basiaeschna janata, and many recently-emerged Enallagma boreale (at Green Lake, N of Chelsea). It was a beautiful early may day, with temps around 74°F, and mostly sunny. Even if I had not seen a single odonate, it would have been a good afternoon. Seeing my first odes of the year made it an even better one.

05/10 -- Carl Freeman brought up an observation that he has seen B. janata around lakes, too. That is true -- a lake with enough wave action can also harbor a population of this species, and the larvae may also be living at the mouth of the lake if there is a stream exiting or entering. For the most part though, this is a lotic species.

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