Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Waiting for the madness to begin...

Waiting for a meal
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This is a Plathemis lydia, taken last June in Sharon Twp., MI. It is is not the earliest resident species to appear, but in favorably warm ponds, it can emerge as early as mid-May. Typically, it is preceded by Enallagma boreale, Ischnura verticalis, Epitheca cynosura, spinigera, and canis, as well as Ladona julia. The one that beats them all is Williamsonia fletcheri and Williamsonia lintneri - the Boghaunters. Typically, they emerge as early as late April in the lower part of Michigan, and are gone by mid-May. In the Upper Peninsula, they may be out as late as mid-June. Check out the MOS pages for more information.

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