Monday, February 28, 2005

Spring Thoughts

As I look out my window -- it's sunny, snowy, and about 20 degrees F. February is about over. We have had a continually cold winter with few breaks, and I am hoping that spring will arrive soon. This has been an atypical winter for us --
lots of snow, and no really big thaws -- just enough to melt a lot of snow cover in a couple of days, mostly because of rain, not sun. Then more snow and plunging temperatures.

If you remember the major flooding we had last spring and the rain early in the season, you'll recall that it was not the greatest year for Odonata collecting in Michigan. I am hoping that this year will see a return to normal conditions, whatever they are.

Speaking of 2004, I have had a student entering last year's collection data, and we are nearly done with that -- a good thing. It would be nice to get last year's data online before 2005 really begins. I have also been busy updating the MOS web site. I now need to fix up the old maps, and it will be updated. I have a student, Susan Fawcett, who is a very good artist, and she has been drawing Odonata larvae so that I can update our key on the web, and to include the illustrations in whatever publications that follow. She's good and has been cranking them out. I'll post some of them here when I get the chance.

Think Spring...

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