Thursday, February 10, 2005

Larvae -- Lots of them

In December, my friend Dave Cuthrell from Michigan Natural Features Inventory brought us an early holiday gift -- about 500 vials of larvae and exuviae from surveys the MNFI did in 1997. That was about the time the MOS was just getting going. Bill Smith from Wisconsin identified most of them in 1999. I have been transferring the specimens from the huge vials from MNFI into our smaller vials, when appropriate, as well as sorting out the specimens in the vials - in over 2/3 of them, there are two or three taxa - identified, but of course, only I (at the moment) can separate them out and put them in their own vials. We have also been cataloguing the specimens into the Odolarva database. I estimate that amounts to several thousand larvae and exuviae total. There are some great species additions amongst all that - Ophiogomphus howei, for instance, as well as many additional records of several species of Stylurus from various parts of the state. When we have completed these additions, I will repost the amended larval database online.

Here are just a few of the little buggers...

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